Welcome to our User Group!

Our meetings are the third Thursday of the month and are held at Microsoft’s Lincoln Square offices in downtown Bellevue. Park in the Lincoln Square garage and meet at the elevators on the first floor by 6 PM to head up to the meeting (take a ticket when you enter the garage, but parking will be free for the evening). Meeting times are 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM. For information about the group, email Steve Banks. Address is steve @ banksnw.com.
  • Join us!

    The Puget Sound Small Business Server User Group has expanded its scope over the years to include a wide range of members and industry sectors. While the majority of our members support Microsoft Small Business Servers many members practice in heterogeneous environments; from peer to peer to multi-server and line of business application support.
    Stay up to date, visit us often and stay abreast of the latest posts!
  • Members! Explore the Forums!

    Be sure to join the forums for follow up resources from recent user group meetings, partners, and special announcements. The forums will give you an opportunity to learn from and share with your peers.
  • Proximity to the Microsoft Campus

    Because of our proximity to the Microsoft campus we regularly participate in the first runs of new campaigns and incentives before they are road shows. We also receive early exposure to new ideas, concepts, practices and industry breakthroughs due to our location in the northwest and it’s technology innovation and start-up environment.